A brief history of Adkins Raceway Park

Beginning its days under the name Linden Valley Raceway and hosting quarter midget racing is how the current Adkins Raceway Park began it long history. The track has changed owners and names 3 more times since then. The track was purchased by George Kugler (yes that George Kugler, the founder of the WKA!) and his family. Next the Tackett Family took over ownership and most recently the Adkins Family came to own the track now known as Adkins Raceway Park.   The Adkins family made their purchase in the 1980s. The track closed back in the 1990’s and has not been used for competition since… until now!

The Monza turn back in the day!

The track we now know as Adkins Raceway Park has hosted some big name events and competitors over the years. “Back in the day” Adkins Raceway Park had IKF, WKA and PKA sanctioned events including national races too.

The road course has 6 turns and features one of the last true Monza style turns left in the country. The Monza turn at Adkins Raceway Park has almost 30 degrees of banking!

Although the plan was to be open in 2014, several delays will push the re-opening date to 2015. The track and facilities needed many costly repairs. Adkins wants the facility to be safe, presentable and raceable so everyone can come back or start racing on a great track with some real history behind it.

Adkins Raceway Park is located in the hills of Port Washington, Ohio just to the south of Canton, Ohio.