4-Cycle Classes

4-Cycle Class

IVKC reserves the right to make performance adjustments in the interest of maintaining equality to the best of our ability.

Mike Miller


 Senior LO206:

age 15 and up, 365lbs. WKA/Briggs engine specs with exception of:-any body work is allowed – no tire rule -gasoline 87-94 octane–NO disc clutch allowed


JR LO206: age 12-15; 325lbs…

WKA/Briggs specs – restricted with yellow slide with locking cap with the following exceptions: -any body work is allowed -no tire rule -gasoline 87-94 octane – –No disc clutch allowed


Senior CLONE


On Probation in 2017:

age 14 and up; 360 lbs  No Tire rule . Any body work allowed, Gasoline only: 94-87 octane, Engine specs same as WKA/AKRA and any unaltered air filter allowed –NO disc clutch allowed