IVKC 2017 Rules

Safety and Conduct …

Safety is our #1 Priority.

*All Safety wear, Helmets, Gloves, Chest Protectors (Mandatory in Kid and Junior Classes) Must meet current SFI 20.1 Standards (Pillow in middle of chest)
MANDATORY Chest Protector until Driver is Min. Age 12

*Karts must meet current Safety Specs, in respects to safety wire bolts, brakes and controls.

*Any Driver endangering another competitive by pushing, bumping, forcing another competitor off of the track will be Disqualified immediately.

*It is the responsibility of an overtaking competitor to pass cleanly and responsibly.

*At no time, will the disrespecting of any IVKC Board Member, Trustee or Flagmen be tolerated. Immediate removal from the track, including drivers, pit crew or Family Members, will be dealt with swiftly.

*Any abusive language, fighting, threats to anyone on the premises will not be tolerated.  Removal of Driver, Pit Crew, Family Members from the track premises with be handled swiftly, including the use of Police if necessary.   Violators may be banned from any future IVKC and/or Adkins Raceway Park Event.

*Anyone intentionally damaging, breaking into or do any damage to the Adkins Raceway Park Property, will be Banned from competing at Adkins Raceway Park for life.


*There will be no passing, or getting out of line, until you are past the start line or starter
* Restarts will be on the first turn only. And Only if there is a spin where karts are stalled on the track. No one will be allowed out on the track until or if, the starter or Gridman allows a person to go start a kart.


*Tires … There is no tire rule, unless called out under the “IVKC 2017 Classes”

*Fuel … There is NO Spec oil or Spec gasoline